General Casting is now open for the Heart and Soul Youth Ensemble!


Get ready to be part of  something amazing! Let your star shine, create lifelong friends and have an incredible experience. There is nothing quite like the magic and excitement of being a part of a live theatre company!

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We strive to create opportunities for all theatre loving youth in the Elk Valley, whether you love performing and have been on stage a lot, or you're new to theatre and performance, 

Our shows and events are usually mixed medium, meaning that we will be use all kinds of art forms to tell a story. Some oif our productions are adaptions (Cinderella, Miud Summer's Nights Dream) but most of them are original productions involving dancing, singing,  music, pantomime and acting. We are commitie to creating meaningful, uplifting and thought provoking shows, and are committed to honouring the individual talents and expereince of each of our cast members. Ours shows are often tailored  and created around the strengths of our cast while challenging them to grow as performers. It's truly a unique, inspiring experince that  not only creates amazing perforemrs but also helps to shape and grow individulas creating confidence, courage and a snesne of pride. We expect all of our cast member to be open to experiencing new things,takin gon new challenges and pushing beyond youyr comfort zone while deveolping your strengths, passions and intersets. If acting is your thing then you will be featured in the acting roles. Love to make folks laugh?Then the comedy parts are for you. If you are a trained dancer, musician or singer this is a chance for you to showcase your talent and hard work. Being a part of the Youth Ensemble will help develop your current talents and learn new skills, and discover new passions.

Who: Casting is open to youth in the Elk Valley, ages 12-18 who love to perform. There will be many different parts. Some roles will be quite involved and others will be supporting roles. Some roles will involve only acting, some only singing and some only dancing. There are roles for musicians, actors, dancers and mulit-disciplined performers. Rememebr, there are noi small parts only small actors! If you are younger or new to theatre you may beign with smaller roles as you build skills, confidence and gain expereince. 

What: The Heart and Soul Youthe Ensemble is a group of Youth Perfroamnce Artists that perform locally. Opportunities may arise to participate in travelling performances (We've enven perofrmed in Disneyland) and if these pooprtunites do arise, advance notice and discussion is always part of the process and only perforemrs that are able and ecited to travel will be on our Travelling Youth Ensemble.

When and Where: he Youth Ensemble will perfrom throught out the year in Fernie and sometimes surrounding areas (Sparwood). Our 2018 season has 2 full length productions, a special Halloween perfromance, as well as other smaller perfrormance events and opportunites. Shows will be annouced well in advance so you can prepare your audition and checkand adjust  your schedule.

Rehersals: During the School Year Rehearsals are scheduled after schools (4:00-6:00) on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Arts Station. If you are in a smaller role you may not need to come every week but you must be available to rehearse when needed, so it;s best that you have nothing you have nothing on your schedule on Mondays and Wednesday from 4:00-6:00. A certain degree of flexibility will be granted and will be worked out on an ad hoc basis. Our rehersal schedules are always issued with plenty of notice.  With advanced notice we may be able to accommodate a schedule conflict, but the bottom line is that putting on a big show  takes commitment from  every cast and crew member. If you miss too many rehearsals you will not be able to perform or participate in a project. The Company and the community is counting on you!

How: To apply to be part of the Cast just fill out the form below or pick up a copy at the  Heart and Soul Dance and Theatre Collective (2nd floor of the Fernie Family Centre). Applications will be accepted on a contuniing basis.

Performers wanting to be considered for lead roles. If you feel like you are ready for a lead role and would like to be considered, you will need to send in an audition video with your application. Get creative here! You can do this alone or audition with friends in a group, trio or duet. Feel free to combine different genres like comedy and music or drama and dance. The more creative the better! Send audition videos to or text via iMessage to 250 430 2787.  As lead roles and principal parts are quite involved rehearsal committment will also be more involved. 

What you need: Musicians will need their own instruments, (except pianists---there is a piano at the theatre) Dancers will need their own shoes and tights. All performers will be costumed with gorgeous professional theatre costumes. These costumes are rentals and must be handled well and taken care of. You will also need your parent's permsion. 



Heart and Soul Dance and Theatre Collectives 2018 Tentative Schedule

August 2018: Black Diamonds and Big Dreams ( A Heart and Soul Original)

August 2018: Heart and Soul Youth Talent Extravaganza

October 2018: Frankenstein Fights Back: A Halloween Spooktacular

December 2018: Fairytale Follies